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Postuar nga darke datė 03 Korrik 2005 - 11:44:

Po citoj ato qė tha NS-6

now let's turn back to the human there any evolution in humans?(continues)

just waiting for the continuation

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 06 Korrik 2005 - 16:30:

so we remained at the part of human we don't have evidence of a possible evolution in other animals why do we insist on the idea that the human have evolved from the monkeys...well,the genetic seems to give some facts to the evolutionists as it says that 98% of our genoma is the same as that of the monkeys(in another evidence later considered it was 95%)...up to here we can say that yeah it is probable but i may give some other numbers then:only 0.01% of our genoma is responsible for everything u see in a person from outside(face,colour of the eyes,hair ecc)and also only 2%(in another case 5%)of our genoma is means only this percentage contains the 30.000 genes responsible for everything in our body and the rest functions as a check up and control points of these genes...and also 30.000 genes...that's the same number of genes a rat has(the lab rats...let me call them topastrus laboratorus )...considering this we have to be like the rats but we're where is the evidence that the man evolved from the monkeys.

we can say that human kind evolved in the manner they see the world and in the knowlegde visual.i mean someone firstly said that 1+1=2 and later someone said 1+1+1=3 and later on there came another and said that 1+2=3 makin the solution we can say we have an evolution in knowlegde...

now here we got to the answer:as we don't have an evolution we cant say that the fact of the deseases is an evolution but it is just an internal problem of our genoma that with some kind of mechanisms gives these diseases...some of these are later trasmitted and some of these are acqiured...there exist no evolution from one species to another...i hope this is answer is satifying...however i'm gonna tell some more in the genetic part for this problem and also we're gonna speak again about it

Postuar nga darke datė 08 Korrik 2005 - 13:07:

Question question

why the menstruation is painful for some women and not for other ones?

Postuar nga darke datė 13 Korrik 2005 - 13:03:

Post The European Technology Platform for Innovative Medicines

Cod. A13072005

I've received this morning an email from the Office of International Projects and Research of UGR with information about the creation of the ETP (European Technology Platform) named "Innovative Medicines for Europe". Interesting info for the interested ones in medical sciencies.

The current priority for the Innovative Medicines Platform is to build a comprehensive Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) with a detailed roadmap
for its implementation. This SRA will identify the research needed to overcome key bottlenecks to innovation, from discovery of a novel drug target through to the approval of a new medicine. Recent advances in genetics, genomics and nanotechnologies will offer new and improved methodologies to researchers to help address these bottlenecks.

Now, the differents countries members from the UE are trying to organize national " mirrow" platforms of the European one in order to follow it in this effort.

Also check this link:

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 20 Korrik 2005 - 01:06:

the cause of the pain

Cod. A20072005

the painfull mestruations (called dysmenorrea)is a common situation that affects nearly 50% of the adult can be classified as primary and secondary.still noone knows the cause of the primary dysmenorrea that affects the women with an ovulatory mestrual cycle.the strong pain,caused by the contraction if the uterine smooth muscle ,is a result of prostaglandin formation from the secretive endometrium and their release during the fall of the endometrium cells.other symptoms are related to this situation,like cefalea,nausea,diarrea and in cases of severe pain even these severe cases the pain starts in the pelvic region and irradiate in the vertebral column,lumbar zone and legs.

the secondary mestrual pains are mostly caused by the use of contraceptives and some kind of situations like endometriosis.
in more than 80% of the cases the use of prostaglandin formation inhibitors is able to decrease the pain intensity(the mecchanism is the same as that of aspirine: blockin the enzime COX1 and 2 can stop the formation of prostaglandin.

most probably the prostaglandin formation doesn't happen or is smaller in the other 50% so the pain si not present.

Postuar nga Fajtori datė 20 Korrik 2005 - 03:11:

Kam nje pyetje. Pse kur hame shume veze na bejne alergji. Ku qendron ajo substanca qe shkakton alergjine? Cfare spjegimi filogjenetik ka kjo, dmth pse natyra ka zhvilluar dicka te tille?

pa ma marre dikush per keq do tedoja te perktheja kete pyetje ne anglisht duke qene se e lexon edhe darke dhe kjo teme pak a shume i perket po te kthehem nga shqiperia do te mundohem ti perkthej edhe pyetjet e meparshme...ose ose mundet edhe nje admin vete ti bej ato nese do.

so the question is(this is for darke):when we eat too many eggs we get an allergy.what causes it?is there any filogenetical explanation,why did the nature do it?

p.s1: the allergies are a kind of abnormal activation of the immune system against an antigen(antigen is every structure able to develop an immunitary response).so in this case qe have to find the structure able to do this.

p.s2:darke thank u for ur questions.i'm gonna miss those long questions...why...why...but u again.
see u in september

Postuar nga wydra datė 20 Korrik 2005 - 10:07:

you forgot to say that the last part was from NS-6

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 20 Korrik 2005 - 17:28:

excuse me

wydra is my fault....i modified the original part and added the part in bold...i forgot to mention it

Postuar nga Isra datė 21 Korrik 2005 - 10:45:

NS6, very interesting informations and productive discussion...

Darke, my congratulations for albanian language,:
NS6 wrote me about your nation.....

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 07 Shtator 2005 - 23:07:

Cod. A08092005

Po citoj ato qė tha Fajtori
when we eat too many eggs we get an allergy.what causes it?is there any filogenetical explanation,why did the nature do it?


i found the answer of this question in a magazine.there was an article on the food allergies and among them was the allergy caused by the egg:
there were 3 compounds called ovoalbumin,ovomucin and ovotrasferrin that can stimulate the immunitary system and sometimes cause allergies and the grade of stimulation had a relation with the amount of the the article was also written that a well-baked egg decreases the probability of allergy by 70% becouse these substances were destroyed by heat,except the ovomucin that was resistent...i hope this answer is enought for the question

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