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Postuar nga darke datė 10 Shtator 2005 - 10:06:

Miredita shqiptare! Miredita doctor NS-6!

i think all of us are coming back from holidays to our seats of computer commands:p We should write about our memories and experiences this summer. I bet there are a lot to tell, above all having in account that albanians are a race of travellers:p Anyway, greetings to everybody and for not losing good costumes, i will ask something (i have more questions but no way we are in medical section so a question about biology?) it's related to the menstruation again:

Is there any other female mammal animal with menstruation or it happens only to women? if no, why not, why only human women? if yes, it hurts to them too?

Tung tung!

Postuar nga Isra datė 12 Shtator 2005 - 10:11:

Darke, right question...

I'm looking forward knowing the answer.....

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 12 Shtator 2005 - 23:16:

Po citoj ato qė tha isra
Darke, right question...

I'm looking forward knowing the answer.....

i told u she's very curious ...ok give me some time to find the answer becouse i truly don't know it!i mean i can tell u why it happens in the female woman but i don't know the answer of the rest of the there anybody who studies biology here?

Postuar nga Fajtori datė 13 Shtator 2005 - 18:39:

As i remember, dogs has also a cycle. But it is called ESTRO, because they dont bleed. Simply the uterus wall is absorbed by the organism so we dont see bleeding like the human female.

For the last judgment lets wait for ns-6, cause I dont remember exactly if the human female is the uniqe one to have menstruations.

Postuar nga wydra datė 13 Shtator 2005 - 18:47:

it's not unique, at least as far as I know. I think there are some kind of apes who do have menstruations as well. But I heard that some dogs also do bleed... I don't remember where I heard it though, might not be true.

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 13 Shtator 2005 - 23:20:

Po citoj ato qė tha Fajtori
For the last judgment lets wait for ns-6, cause I dont remember exactly if the human female is the uniqe one to have menstruations.

u don't need to wait for me for the last judgement ...if any of u has anything to say as a reply,is invited to say it...

let me tell u something i found searchin in the web:
Wild relatives of the domestic animals do not menstruate. They have mating seasons - called heat, rut or estrus - which usually happen only once or twice a year. At this time the females ovulate and their genital organs become slightly congested and moistened with mucus in preparation for mating and likely conception. In the wild, nature has tied ovulation closely to the availability of food, and in times of scarcity estrus may not occur.

But in domesticated animals and animals kept in zoos who have constant access to unnatural and often concentrated food supplies, the picture is very different - these animals experience a periodic bloody discharge the equivalent of human menstruation. This is especially noticeable in normally plant-eating animals made to eat dry high-protein feed. When these captive animals are instead fed on the fresh natural plant foods they'd normally eat, the menstruation ceases.

"Experiments on animals have conclusively shown that the frequency of ovulation, and consequently estrus (corresponding to menstruation in humans), is a DIRECT function of diet. Over-feeding, especially on protein foods (and of the wrong kind of protein), has the tendency to accelerate (stimulate) the growth and bursting of the Graafian follicles [which produce the eggs] by creating an excess of follicular fluid. In women this results in menstrual discharge.... Undomesticated animals do NOT menstruate.... But under conditions of domestication or captivity, these sexual periods become more frequent, and the genital congestion attending them becomes more intense, until it finally manifests as a menstrual hemorrhage. It is now agreed by most observers that the cause of menstruation among domesticated animals is the food they receive at the hands of man. In other words, after the non-menstruating animal is captured, the pro-estrum becomes transformed into a bloody flow as a result of unnatural foods and artificial conditions of living."

this is one part of the answer...interesting i might say ...never had such a question before ...
p.s if any of u finds anything about the questions,write it down.this topic is in english and this is another advantage that if u find anything in english just do copy-paste here...remember only to give the main idea becouse very long answers are not read by people(the part i wrote above was taken from an article near 4-5 pages i might say).i hope i dont remember to traslate the most interesting parts.i ask any help to the admins too if any of them can make any traslation in albanian.

Postuar nga darke datė 14 Shtator 2005 - 11:59:

Lightbulb impressive!

wow, this is quite interesting: menstruation is related to food! It would be very interesting to analyze if the women of Africa (for example) who have lack of food, lose their menstruation or it's less frequent than a month.

Well, i have another question about menstruation. This time is a question about what is there of certainty in the relation between the menstruation and the cycles of the moon? and why it occurs? How is the process of influency?

(I want to say that I'm not obssesed with menstruation it's just that there are a lot of mistery around it, and this is something that feed my curiosity).

PS: I have to say that my cat has no menstruation but the cycles of fertility. It is supposed that the cats are considered still "wild" animals even if they live in human homes? And I have to say that we feed the cat everyday:p

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 14 Shtator 2005 - 15:59:

ur curiosity is impressive :p

uej uej calm down!!! many questions at a time!...kiddin...u make the questions and whenever i have time i'll try to find the answer(the others are not excluded too)

for the part of the women of africa...there is no need to make any research for that becouse the science has already proved that alterations of eating causes alterations of the cycles...this may be as an effect of the malnutrition or as a decrease of the support of nutrients from the diet(sorry for any mistake i might have made )

see u later,everyone!

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 19 Shtator 2005 - 00:42:

anorexia nervosa and amehnorrea

Cod. A19092005

as i told u the fact of the malnutrition is already proved by science...there's a disease called anorexia nervosa that is mostly spread in new generation women who try to keep themselves in those body standart the models they see in the TV or in magazines.they are too anxious for their weight and make some self-personalized diets without the consensus of the doctor...after a short time they begin to show some kind of symptoms like the deficit of nutrients and general fall of body conditions.
one of them is amenohrrea,that can be defined as a lack of metruations.this lack is due to the lack of stimulation of a releasing hormone called gonadotrophin releasing hormone that is secreted by the hypothalamus and it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce 2 hormones :luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone that are responsable for the growth of the endometrium and all the cycle variations includind even the bleeding case of this disease there is no stimulation of hypothalamus to secrete this GnRH and so there is amenohrrea...(informations based on the notes taken in a pathology lesson on the absorbtion of the nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract)

now lets pass at the other question: the moon influency?lets see what i can find about this becouse i don thave any idea for its influence in the mestrua cycle...

Postuar nga NS-6 datė 01 Tetor 2005 - 00:13:

derivation of the word "menstruation"

Cod. A01102005

i found smth about the question of the moon influence on the mestrual cycle:

The word menses, which means menstruation, is derived from the Latin mensis, meaning months. Related words, like menstruation and menstrual, have similar origins. The connection between the moon and menstruation is probably because of the similarity of the length of the average menstrual period with the time the moon takes to go from one phase to that same phase again, although I know there are many people out there who will say the connection is tighter.
People have made this connection for millennia, and there are many beliefs in many cultures about the relationship; the topic seems endless.
This connection is vehemently denied, by the way, by the male author of a modern gynecology text I own.
The book Blood Magic:The Anthropology of Menstruation (edited by Thomas Buckley and Alma Gottlieb, University of California Press, 1988), cites studies that the authors say show that moonlight can indeed influence a menstrual cycle (for example, "Lunar periodicity in human reproduction: A likely unit of biological time," in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 77:905-914, 1959, by W. Menaker and A. Menaker; and "Lunar periodicity," in Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology 25:491-497, 1960, by C. Hauenschild.)

and let me give u another site page that talks for the same thing:

well,i hope this is an answer to the question
i'm gonna write down another article now that talks about the differences noticed in the brain of the women and that of the man...very very interesting...see u later

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